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Components are manufactured in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


We Will Take Care Of Your Car
We are ready to provide you with a full range of services for warranty and post-warranty maintenance and repair of any car. Also timely diagnostics and maintenance will prevent serious breakage and help to be sure in good technical condition of the car.

Shenzhen City Xavier Precision Components Co., Ltd., a professional cnc machined parts manufacturer, provides one-stop custom cnc machining services.

We are able to provide one-stop services from initial concept  to finished products delivery.


We deliver precise OEM solutions to clients who send the drawings or samples to us. Our combination of industry experience, state-of-the-art equipment and innovative processes let us be confident to provide excellent service.


We had successfully completed many major projects for our VIP customers.The customized OEM parts including CNC Machining parts, cnc turning parts and cnc milling parts, die casting part, investment casting broaching gear and so on. Those parts widely used in defense, aerospace, rail traffic, communication and robot industries etc.



Xavier specializes in precision Machining and provide one stop shop service carrying out projects from conception through completion. ISO 9001:2008-certified. Combination of highly skilled team and cutting edge equipment allows Xavier to serve many clients such as AVIC, Alstom, Connect Group, Bombardier, Martin-Baker, Zodiac, DRS Technologies, Hoffman etc for years. Their products covers engine, aircraft seating, night vision etc. A large number of design and processing cases have been completed in the cooperation.



We provides one stop service from concept to production for global clients in wide industries,and European design engineering team can come to your office do on-site communication with your design requirements in Europe. We offer high precision and advanced manufacturing service. We also offer a fully capable, integrated manufacturing ecosystem that effectively meets the wide-ranging demands of customers around the world.


Here at Xavier precision, we are perfectly equipped to offer useful information and helpful advice to make sure you know everything you need to when considering Xavier precision cnc machining services. Xavier regularly hosts outdoor events and dinners for all. And many of our customers had already been to visit our factory.

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